EuroGold Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

We are often asked by farmers “what about me and my family? Do we not need these trace elements as well?” The answer of course is YES – every living thing on Earth needs a balanced intake of trace elements in order to enjoy a more healthy life style.

EuroGold, from Natures Own, is a Food State supplement containing the ideal balance of all the trace elements that Field Science usually prescribe for soil correction, plus vital vitamins.
It will provide you with the trace elements to improve your health and raise your immune system. Resistance to disease is paramount with livestock and it is the same with humans.
By correcting the levels of trace elements in your diet you will achieve a greater resistance to disease. For example selenium is singularly the most important anti-oxidant and has been identified as an anti-cancer agent.
Food State means that the elements and vitamins are accompanied by the appropriate organic materials required for the body to easily use the supplements, which simply means that the supplements are now more easily available to the body. We see this as the most reliable source and recommend that you try them for yourself – we all use them!

EuroGold Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement is available in jars of 90 tablets which is sufficient for three months. The pills are easy to swallow and can be split in two if required

£19.95 inc P&P UK Mainland

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