Arable and Vegetable

Field Science mineral dressings restore the nutrient balance in a soil's profile to produce optimal crop growth, yield and resistance to disease, at the same time reducing the need for chemical fertilisers. It is the micronutrient (trace element) deficiencies that are usually the yield-limiting factor.

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Pasture and Livestock

Applying tailored trace element dressings to pastures ensures that the grasses provide livestock with the correct balance of nutrients as and when required. Livestock health and fertility improve with no need for mineral supplements and less need for fertiliser.

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Organic Farming

Most organic land was farmed conventionally until comparatively recently. This means that previous intensification has damaged these soils by removing minerals at a greater rate than Nature can replace them. This leaves organic farmers with similar problems to their conventional brethren, but without recourse to "quick fix" remedies.

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Sports Turf

Year-round playing surfaces require fast-draining, sand-based rootzones that are hungry for nutrients. Field Science tailored trace element dressings provide these rootzones with the correct balance of nutrients ensuring the grass is healthy, more resilient, more resistant to fungal attack and disease with less requirement for synthetic fertiliser.

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Mineral Deficiency Symptoms

Usually the first sign that a farm soil is mineral-deficient is when the livestock or crops, that depend on that soil, show the symptoms of mineral deficiency. The causes of these symptoms are often mistaken as physical or environmental but the truth is that they are nearly always down to a mineral deficiency.

It is easy to forget the importance of soil. A farm is not the animals, livestock, crops or buildings… is the patch of land, the soil. What you grow and how well it grows depends on that patch of land. Farmers know that their soil is minerally-deficient because they see deficiency symptoms in their crops, in their livestock and in their pastures and they most often address these issues by applying minerals directly to the crop or animal in question.

We have created a Mineral Deficiency Symptoms chart (click here or below) to make it easier to understand the causes of the problems experienced on farm and to which minerals they relate. The Field Science dressings utilise these minerals to restore the deficiencies in the soil.

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