New Feed Additive from Field Science

Now available from Field Science is their new feed additive ‘AbZorb’ which is suitable for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. AbZorb, when included in the daily ration, provides a wide range of benefits from improved feed conversion and increased rumen microbe function to reducing gaseous emissions from livestock housing and manure.

Field Science specialises in producing bespoke or tailor-made trace element dressings for soils so an off-the-shelf feed additive is a new direction for the company. However, the same attention to detail and product quality is applied to this range of products and it has perfect synergy with the tailored dressings, providing the complete mineral and nutritional package. Environmental awareness is key to the Field Science package and AbZorb, with its excellent ability to ‘absorb’ gaseous emissions (making manure more nitrogenous and therefore reducing the need for synthetic nitrogen applications) underlines the Company’s philosophy.

Someone once said….“live your life like you’ll die tomorrow but farm your soil like you’ll live for ever.
We can’t really help with the former but would like to think that the latter is right up our street!

Improved feed conversion ratio

Faster weight gain

Reduces ammonia odour and N leaching from manure

Optimises the function of intestinal micro-florae

Improves livestock health and welfare

Lowers mortality rates

Reduces broken and dirty eggs in poultry

Reduces foot pad / hock burns in poultry

AbZorb is available in 1 tonne, ½ tonne and 25kg bags